Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bandwagoning with Bad Medicine

This is my first Sunday entry. All other entries in the past have been written during the weekdays and maybe on Saturdays, too, but never Sundays. The thing is, I'm still at work and about 6 hours and a paycheck away from home. I don't mind being away from home if I need to. But as a dear friend always says: "Charge it to experience." And so I shall.

I don't really want to jump on the bandwagon but the celebration of dead loved ones is upon us. As a nation, we religiously follow this tradition and culture. We bring candles, flowers and sometimes food (those who have northern roots will know the significance of "Atang" as well as our Chinese kin by bringing food to the resting place of the deceased.) Filipinos really do value the notion of honoring the dead. I think that WE believe that it's the appropriate thing to do since a vast majority of us only see the dead's importance as they pass on. Well, that's just my opinion.

Keeping true to the topic of this post, a hearse drove by me just a while ago as I picked up my laundry. The hearse didn't have a casket in it and I think the driver just finished gassing up at the station. Funny or maybe, peculiar thing about it is that it was booming. Yes, the slow drive to the final resting place has annoyed many if not most of us one time or another. The slow pace, the wailing people and the traffic that they sometimes cause are a few things (not essentially bad things since WE do honor the dead as I said earlier) that can somewhat irk us.

Going back to my story, the hearse was playing real loud music. Nothing unusual about that, right? It played Bad Medicine. Pretty badass, I thought. Going out in that glorious glam rock tune? I'd say that'll be pretty memorable aside from the capricious pink casket that a local funeral service uses as a peg for promotion and sales. Just imagine the procession of loved ones as they parade your lifeless shell into its final destination. They're all dressed in glam rock attires with all the shiny neon prints and tight ass pants while rocking two-tone electric mullets. 

In view of honoring our dead, we go through lengths to make sure their final wishes are obeyed. Theatrics and culture: they can intertwine maybe even as we enter the afterlife.


  1. Gusto ko yung bad medicine. Hindi na pala ako ang original in case gawin ko yan. O well, towel, bowel. Isip na lang ako ng iba.

    1. Naisip ko nga e, mukhang maganda talaga yun sa last ride mo sa lupa haha okay lang yun sir, wala namang hinahatid yung nakita kong karo. So technically, hindi pa sya nagamit

    2. hahaha! parang planning lang para sa hinaharap. kung may psychoanalyst na babasa nito, sasabihan kagad ako na may death wish :P