Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 word story #6

Everything we did will make for a great novel, someday.

350 and a box of macadamia nut chocolates

"I can still see vaguely the scrunching of the sheets we covered ourselves with. I remember the drip, the smoothness of your legs when it came across mine, even the smell of your hands on that fateful day. Who knew it was the last time I was ever going to hold you? I guess you did know. It was a farewell present. It was a send off masquerade. It was a personal tirade of my unconscious wrongdoings.

Now, I realize that the single greatest mistake that I have to live with for the rest of my life is that I could never stop caring about you nor think of you for that matter. I still see you when I close my eyes - the baby hair on your forehead and its semi-swirl of innocent follicles. But I'll try to neatly fold those memories, straighten out the scrunches of the sheets of fragmented moments and keep them away in a cabinet somewhere in the gaping hole that is my chest. I wish I could really say goodbye, although I doubt that you would even wave at me from a distance.

Say something. Anything. I will have it tattooed across my chest as a reminder. Or maybe have them inked on my wrists so I can still feel that I'm still wearing the watch you gave me. It ran out of batteries. I hope I could just replace my memories of you with a fresh pack of someone else's. But that would make me more like you. I hate it and love it at the same time."

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

LomoLit: Flutter (Part 4)

Losing someone is not always through break ups, over a fight, or text messages. Sometimes, it’s the fleeting moments of indifference that can make a then close proximity into a gaping divide that just ends it all for a relationship.

Photo by clownshoes
Dean seemed to drift away more from Mika and vice versa. Gone were the days when they couldn’t peel themselves away from each other. He no longer tucked her unkempt hair into the back of her ears. She was fine with him being away for weeks at end. They both stopped trying even if it was a simple thing like dialing the phone.The distance between them became normal and evident in their relationship.


By: kellymaneja

10 word story #5

Now that you have the freedom you wanted, what's next?

LomoLit: Trinket

“I’d like to have a star of my own.” Said the little girl as she gazed at the dark sky one summer. “Why?” asked the boy lying beside her, his brown hair laid comfortably on the soft carpet of grass.

Photo by sixsixty
The two were star gazing. The sky was littered with the shiny trinkets from far away.
“Stars are pretty. I want to have something pretty I can call my own.”
“But you can’t have a star. Look how far it is from where are now.”
“I know. But mom said a girl can dream.”
More summers passed and they grew up. They lay on the grass of the very same hill for many years. They grew in mind and body but the dreams remained young and vivid.
One night, as they both laid in the same spot where they had laid many years ago, the young man blurted: “Would you still like that star?”
“Star? What star?” asked the puzzled young lady.
“The star you always wanted to have.”
“Oh, that. You remembered?”
“Of course, how could I forget? We were lying on the same bed of grass, staring at the same sky and breathing the same air. I wouldn’t forget that for the world.”
Photo by vtayeh
Both were still staring at the night sky. Indeed, nothing has changed; it ws still the same blue tapestry laden with tiny diamonds.
“I still would like a star of my own. But I know that won’t happen.”
“Why?” asked the young man.
“You can’t own a star, silly.”
“Really? Wait here.”
“Where are you going?”
The young man stood up and brushed the dirt off his head.
“Stay right where you are.”
After a while, the young man returned with rope. He had tied the end like a lasso.
“What are you going to do with that rope?”
“Just wait. You’ll see soon enough.”
Photo by hodachrome
The young man anchored himself atop the hill’s highest point. He gave a grunt and threw the lasso into the air. It caught nothing at first but he came at it again. His second throw caught a tiny trinket from the sky. He slowly pulled on the rope and reeled in the little star. The hill became a beacon of light.
“Here you go, your own star.” Said the young man as he handed the star to her.
“How?” the young lady was dumbfounded.
“You said long ago that ‘a girl can dream.’ And here it is.”
“Why are you doing this?”
“I believe in dreams. You should, too. It doesn’t mean that we can stop believing just because we’ve added years to our lives. I think it’s all the more reason to keep dreaming. And besides, I didn’t have to reel in that star for you.”
“Why not?”
The young man just smiled and laid down. He closed his eyes and breathed in.
“Keep that star.”
“I want to share it with you.”
“You already did. Many summers ago.”

Monday, April 28, 2014

LomoLit: A Drop

You write your desire on the palm of my hand I clench my fist, afraid to let it go

Drop me a line I will not forget
Your diamond eyes are as pale as the fading sky
Once they were dark, brooding but true
This fetter we have is a fantasy
Photo by ug_a
Every tear glistens in its beauty
I am your pillar, you are my strength
But you don’t want to see
We are swept down the river
Photo by yeahyeahyeahh
You hold on to a thistle
I let out my hand to reach for yours
You kept your wounded hand
The river led to some place I never imagined
Photo by ohpleasedontgo
Ice has melted and gave way to lush greens
Leaves are supple with every kiss of dew
The river grew wide with the coming of spring
I try to remember how every note you’d sing
Photo by kleeblatt
Would carry me into a dream
Or even better, a reality
I am an illusion as you are
We are lodged in a crevice of life
Photo by hodachrome
You crush petals just to smell them
I remember not a single drop of oil
Do you know the way back?
All I know is that I don’t
Photo by myloveletter
You kept your hand to you, reached out not for me
All I know is that I’ll be a poet for you
Kiss me
Use your tongue as a pen
Photo by hervinsyah
Write me a poem
Use my mouth as a paper
Make me believe as I always have
Spring has made it a little clearer
The river grew wider.

10 word story #4

She reached out only when the panicked hands stopped flailing.

10 word story #3

In the end, everything's been done too little, too late.

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"When I look at your face, I don't even feel mad about what happened. Or his face for that matter. I would still be angry had I cared. I have some bad things running in my head on how to make things right and fair but they would not be... quite legal. Had I still cared  for you, I'd be wallowing in self-pity but the thing of the matter is... I don't. Not anymore. Maybe that's just the way things are. You feel something immensely disturbing one day and wake up the next morning and go about your life as if nothing happened.

If I had cut you off in my life, in my thoughts, and my heart, maybe you had given me the scissors in the first place. I am no longer bound by your fetters and so are you. You are now free to fly. I just hope that one day, when you come flying back home to your nest, you'll find it and know that it is truly home. Because sometimes, the feeling of being free is so appealing to us that we forget that we have always been free. We just pretend to be in some sort of prison just to rationalize."

"Hell is loving you in my sleep and waking up alone."



Wednesday, April 16, 2014


"Da, why didn't things work out for you and Mum?"

"Well, son. Your mother is the most wonderful person in the world."

"That's not a bad thing, is it?"

"No, not at all. That made me love her even more. What we had was splendid."

"Then why didn't it work out?"

"I just couldn't make her feel that she was the stardust of my universe. And, I guess, we just have to accept that we have to walk in the dark when the light finally goes out."