Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sipping from a candidate's cup.

3/13/2010 1:51 AM

Elections are nearing, campaigns are going here and there. And as it seems, everywhere you look, you'll see the face of a candidate smiling at you and BIG BIG BOLD campaign slogans overwhelm you even in your sleep. (not to mention a viral melody that's more contagious than the latest strain of AH1N1 virus) I really try hard not to get annoyed by all these things just because I think it's a waste of time and effort in doings so but something very interesting happened to me earlier yesterday. It was another hot day in the city of Baguio and then i decided to buy a cool refreshment in a nearby convenience store. And to my surprise, a high stack of green cups welcomed me to the refreshment section. What's so extraordinary about that that I decided to put it up on this minute page of mine? Well, this stack of green cups has a face of a presidentiable on them. Yup, you read right. A face of a presidentiable and a tag line that says : "make your vote count" if my memory serves me right.

I was like 'Aah. Ayos a. Pati dito ba naman.' I'll admit, it's a nice move, not only do you get a cool drink but you also get a handheld campaign material. Cool. Great. Plus, it's green. I wonder if they'll also make orange and yellow cups too. Hmm. I guess there's only way to find out: Imma go grab another cup of my oh-so-good cool drink.

On the spot. Impromptu. Spontaneous. BC 105 showcases students' own news program productions.

3/13/2010 1:22 am

Just last Tuesday, March 9, the BC 105 classes
under Mr. Michael Jensen Garcia, launched the public screening of the news programs produced by the two BC 105 classes. Students flocked to the Galeriya Kordilyera to watch the news programs produced by the students.

Different reactions were given by the students who watched the program, and most of these reaction came from the classes who participated in the launch. Many covered their faces when the time came for their program to run. Applaud, laughter and hooting filled the air as the programs ran.

Among those who were present in the launc
h was Prof. Jimmy Fong, department chair for the College of Arts and Communications. The launch is also a part of the two-week long celebration of the CAC week.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


3/6/2010 11:30 pm

Session Road is crawling with people and is carpeted with lights like the sky is with the stars. And amidst this sea of people haggling for different stuff was me swimming with the crowd, also haggling, looking for good buys. Bumps here, bumps there, food here, food there. Rinse and repeat. But still, there I was, looking for a perfect buy. And who'd have thought, at the end of my little cruise was that I'll end up finding my self three perfectly good deals. BUT. I feel guilty buying those things, maybe because in the back of my head, i was still thinking about the thing I'm preparing for. I don't know if this is good or not though. I just feel guilty, that's all. Guilty and candidly happy. i also found my self trying my shoes bought with guilt. Funny. Haha! Guilty with spending my parents' money but looking like a grinning like kid who just got the number one toy in his little, poorly scribbled wish list.

Oh, the lights and sounds of Session Road in bloom, how you mesmerize me with your unpredictability and good buy's.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go Green. Go Recycled.

1/24/2010 11:50 pm

I never thought about buying anything lately because 1. I don't have money to buy stuff and 2. I'd rather save my money for something very important that's coming my way. But, still, I imagine of buying myself a bulky lumbar pack that I always wanted to test. (its feel, carrying capabilities and so and so) Lately, as I visited a site of a well known pack manufacturer, I was stunned to see a pack that used mainly recycled materials. And I'm talking about a big company who could have chosen a more 'commercial' fabric to use for their packs. I'm not trying to promote or anything but Mountainsmith's packs are now using 100% recycled pet bottles( you know, the bottles that we usually crumple after using or recycled into water containers back at home.) YES, the pack fabric is made out of recycled cola bottles and they're still as rough as they can get. I am just amazed at how innovative people are getting in contributing to the global u-turn of our non-ecologically sound actions in the past. I mean, it's a great way to minimize our carbon footprint, and, it's a good way of making use of those old plastic bottles that litter the streets or alleys of almost major city or tourist destination in the world.

I may sound ideal but if these BIG companies can do that, then we: small and insignificant as we may think, can do something and contribute to this state of mind and ideology. We can really lessen the impact of our day-to-day activities. I mean, if you don't need a straw to drink from your glass of softdrink while you are eating in a fastfood restaurant, then DON'T! How hard is it to lift your glass then gulp it the old fashioned way? And, when you're with kids, try to discourage them to get miles of drinking straw that they would just use to make a straw tower. And please, try to use recyclable bags when you're at the grocery or at the mall when you're shopping, don't waste double plastic bags just for a pack of pasta and canned meat.Hindi baduy and magdala ng bag na pwede mong ulit ulitin ng gamit, nakakatulong ka nga e. THINK. In that little way you can help save money, and the ozone layer for that matter. Use old newspapers for towels to wipe spills on your table or desk. Try bringing a mug if you're a coffee drinker (or taho enthusiast, hi Manong Taho) instead of using paper or styro cups.Lastly, avoid using STYRO for eating or drinking. RECYCLE. RECYCLE. RECYCLE.

Imagine if all of us can do this little change in our lives. We don't need quantum physics to think these things over guys, we just need to use our heads a little bit more.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

A move to help, innovate and diversify

It was only days ago when the wrath of nature destroyed the city of Haiti, Latin America. Organizations from all over the globe both public and private reached out to lend their hands to the people whose lives had been damaged by the catastrophic incident. With the advent of new technology and innovation, it is common but still paradoxically surprising to see people whose lives are truly out of the disaster, to give out their hands.

I was senselessly facebook-ing yesterday when I saw posts by organizations that are willingly helping the victims of the disaster. They are appealing for help, donations, and volunteers and it is great to know that many are sympathizing. Many already sent their help and many are still expected to do so. Here, check out these links:

In addition to that, most of the facebook applications like Mafia wars, etc., are campaigning for the victims of the Haiti disaster. It is great to know that even though most of us see this world as place of chaos and misunderstanding, love between people of varying languages, nationalities, religions and philosophies still persist. True, the real goodness of men will always prevail and with the continuing and combined efforts of countries to unite a world broken apart by diverse differences, it would not be uncommon to see a world of technology, innovation, diversity, understanding and love.

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