Tuesday, May 22, 2012


People sometimes wait for dates to remember certain things. The passions of summer love, the rebirth into new beliefs and outlooks, trying times triumphed over thru faith. Then there are times of commemorating the falls of life and people. Normally, we wait for a certain time of the year, cradling candles, flowers and different forms of tributes.

To the lost people in our lives, we have all somehow clinked our glasses in their memories. Their passing have stuck knives in us all, some more painful while some are more numbing. It is the numbing that is worse and to remember them by their deaths somehow defeats the purpose of their lives.

Monday, May 21, 2012


NOTE: As the title says, it is. You are welcome for the bashing.
Of what I am and what I want to be, it depends on how you would want or like it to be.

Tomorrow is a promise of moving things. Shit turning to gold and sometimes the other way around. Tomorrow is a sign of change; a transformation that usually leaves people withered, bruised, bitter and cold. And yet, tomorrow is a constant reminder of a hope that all will never cease to wish for. Because in tomorrows there are wishful thinkings and maybe happier endings and memorable beginnings.

Though, nothing trumps the goods of today. In today, people learn to live with what they have. In today, lovers learn to take chances with every step and risk their hearts as they find themselves content with the wines of their hearts. In today, gamblers take pride of their earnings while grifters wait patiently for the next payday. There are many things that happen within 'today.' Today urges people to move for the fear of losing something they cannot get tomorrow. Though there are things that you have to let pass till' the next.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rude Boys : Uncovered Files

lifted from 420chan.org
Writer's note: This article has been written for a previous class during my college days. I have taken the liberty of uploading this on this blog in hopes of reviewing my writing style and etcetera. Enjoy your bashing.

Jamaican culture is not so different with the Philippines’: densely populated, poverty-stricken, corrupt systems and not to mention highly thriving cultures of crime. Just recently, the nation was struck by a string of minor-related incidents of crime, not only having minors being the perpetrators but being the targets of crime themselves. Who can pass by the compounding news of disappearing children, mostly girls who are nowhere to be found? Some who surface are sometimes heard of being found in ravines, stuffed in chute sacks and inserted in between craggy overpass ceilings. These are but tales of horror that most people would only prefer to have heard from movie reviews, not on primetime news programs. Violence and crime is not endemic in the metro, both have grown like infestations; plaguing the streets and the minds of the common citizens. By all means, the government and the authorities of all sorts push for the eradication or control of the situation but it will be a long way to reach the end of the rope for this problem.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Unwilling

photo from The Selvedge Yard | theselvedgeyard.wordpress.com
It is somewhat every young boy's dream to grow up and be the strongest man in the neighborhood. Cuffed sleeves showing loaded guns, tatted forearms steeled enough for yard brawls and a gun collection like that of the military armory. Waking up everyday, wishing that someday he'd be able to shoot baddies from behind the enemy lines as a justice-branding hero. Then there are those who fantasize about getting involved in the past world wars: to belong in an elite group of snipers and point men. Trenches, bayonets, potato mashers and machine guns were things of childhood that always seemed so cool and macho.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Black & White

Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke | c1967

Nothing is ever original as people say. No amount of research or breakthrough creative storms can brew something out of pure originality. Striking gold with new ideas is like chipping off what is left of the big mined out mountain top.

Everything old has a natural patina to them. Old watches that still tick (hello Submariner), old boots that still kick (hello favorites) and old knives that still cut (Mark I and KA-BAR) are a few things that make the olden days seem much more alive today. 

I don't believe that nothing is original anymore, it's just that people seem to think of originality as somewhat a glimmering "fuck" that no one else apparently gives nowadays. There are things that we have to accept and a few of those is that people live way long before us and the originality that we claim it to be is as banal as the coffee making ritual many of us do every morning. We can still achieve originality in different ways. Some do more than others and some just really scrape the barrel.

Hangover Remedy

For the usually inebriated, alcohol can bring many good things to their dizzying world of spins and bar-room brawls. To name a popular few, things appear to be lighter in the eyes of a boozed man. People's faces light up hence the famous "beer goggles" that so many have sworn to have fallen victim to. Then there are the usual unhinging of social insecurities like talking to other persons, most probably that of the opposite sex. And then there's just the liberating feeling of being with friends and getting hammered entirely for a night, calling it a "blank day" that ultimately feels and hurts like it the next day.

No, this post is not about the movie "Hangover." 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ankle High Brotherhood

It's always good to have friends. But it's always better to have friends who'd scream "It's baseball tiiime!" when you get pissed on by stank wankers. From our boot heels and smelly gloves and greasy bike chains, real friends will hold them for you even if they feel like holding a pair of nasty hairy ball sacs.

On Being Angry

Today, I had a pretty annoying ride to work. I ride a van to go to the next terminal and this morning, I had the chance to wait for 30 minutes to catch a ride. "Not so bad" I said, flicking the sweat on my then moist brow. The van arrives and we hopped in. And I was so fortunate to have been given the chance to grace the seat between two seats. That seat would be a wedge between a steady seat and a foldable one, a main feature for many passenger vans here in the country. "Okay, not that bad" I said to myself considering I can sit a bigger part of my butt on the seat. But as the traffic melee ensues in the bottleneck stop & go traffic near our highway exit, the tension begins.