Monday, September 21, 2015

Unread letter

Remembering can be a burden and forgetting, a gift. It's a pain to know that you will always choose yo relive the memories I would rather blur in my head.
Your face is the look of disappointment. A never ending loop of the creasing of your forehead and the plummeting of your lips keep playing inside my head. It is what it is, I guess but I can only hope for a reprieve, a stay, a pardon but only in my wildest fantasies can it come true.

I drink to blur that look in your face. Bottle after bottle and I'm half past angry. I try to kill something in me and the best thing I can think of is ordering another double of whiskey, neat. Id rather forget the way it numbs my mouth, then my throat, then my head and finally the wound inside of me that I have yet to find.

I will forget you. I will try not to remember just as I know you would.