Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Where do I even put this post?

A random thing to give my day a kick in the gonads. Btw, I am stumped with a speech I'm supposed to write. You have to swallow the fact that things don't always go straight as you'd want them to. Hehe, swallow, funny. Anyhow..

Getting a haircut has been a dreaded thing for me. Going up to the barber's, sitting on a chair explaining to the good man what to do with your mop, showing him pictures and doing a demo of the look I want to get. Well, showing him what I WANTED to get. That's not always the thing. It's like a random gift box waiting to be set free on the unsuspecting world. After a flurry of scissor snips and hair storms, I witnessed over and over again the ugly sight of my mug and a mutilated clump of hair on my top.

"God damn."

Then I hand over a bill for the nominal deed. "I wish you a good life ahead, barber." That would be a fitting thing to say to the man as I picture bashing his head on the counter top. Violent, brutal, deserving. But I guess the police will find me. Yet, I shrug the discontent with my usually disrespected haircut. Then I vow to myself to stop being a miser and invest in a good haircut from a good place that requires good money.

Damn. Good money. Where do I get that?

And that it leads to this random thought inducing a tumble down of random words in random succession and coherence. I sit on the chair, waiting for another good barber, (though they are called stylists in this joint) and I get called to the back, past the controlled chaos of the place.

I was then asked to sit on a chair where the shampooing commences. A lather was put on my moppy top and the fellatio begins. You read that right, the shampooing felt like a dirty deed. I'm not being peev or a sleaze or what but that was what it felt like. All that wait for a proper cut led to this random post and a random revisiting of snickers and smirks. I won't detail the feeling but for those who know it, though I honestly think there are few people who do, I felt terribly dark but funny during the time. I was tearing up but it was because of guilt and a kick to the funny bone. Yes, my funny bone. Fuck my sense of humor.

And yes, that is the conclusion. Totally worth it. I still get a kick thinking of it. How darkly funny.

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