Thursday, July 26, 2012

script scene idea #0003

This will be more of a context post. And I am sorry if there are readers who cannot understand Tagalog. And for those who do and do not get my humor, there there. Be boring somewhere else.

This has something to do with Bending, you know, about people being able to make elements follow their commands. Fire, water, air and earth bending are stuff of the cool imaginations of the creators of Avatar: The Legend of Aang. And there's a new season where the new Avatar is a teenager in training to master all four elements, air bending being her least favorite. So, this villain comes and vows to purge the world of benders, of course, the Avatar wouldn't want this to happen as it signifies oppression for the benders as well, plus she believes that benders and non-benders can live in one world without animosity and indifference. Fast forward, the villain turns out to possess the powers of taking away people's bending, for good. The villain succeeds and leaves the Avatar, a useless vessel with everything taken away from her. Or so that's what she thought.

This is the part where the scene idea comes. Sorry if I had to bring that up, it's to establish where I'm going with this probably sucky post/idea. Again, be boring somewhere else.

The villain gets to get hold of the Avatar. But, instead of mastering the 4 elements, the Avatar is the master of Konyo Speak, Konyo Arte, Konyo Porma and Konyo Attitude.

The masked man turns to the Avatar, rendering her useless in his hold. The masked man speaks.

"Now, I shall take away your Konyo Abilities, Avatar. Watch as I undo your powers and you'll feel how it is to be human."

The Avatar struggles but to no avail. Trembling she utters "No!!! It's so hard kaya to get my talents! I can't live with this because my friends will make asar of me and the world! I have just started learning the Konyo Porma kaya!"

Masked man then just shoots the Avatar in the head. Dead aim with a pistol that sends the Konyo juices sputtering to the floor and the walls. Well, that's just the alternate ending to the short.

This is what will really happen: the masked man reveals his true powers and Konyo Speaks with Jeje-verse the Avatar himself. The Avatar will be too dumbfounded and terrorized by this power. The masked man removes the Avatar's powers and walks away. How fun would it be to remove people's Konyo abilities. 

"I'll make tanggal your speak naaaa." I preferred the alternate ending, though. This is a fluff piece so be boring somewhere else.

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