Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chain links for friends

Let's steer this boat back to familiar waters. Take a break from the lifeless salty seas of self expression, everything floats there. I'll try to throw this anchor where it matters.

In the vast space of every person's life, people are surrounded by more people. Some are more artistic, some are more violent, some are more egoistic, some are more biased and some are sadder than others and etcetera. In that vast space, people choose people to occupy the circles of their lives. 

In another perspective, we let them in to fill the slots, we choose assholes that we click with, saints that we cling on for advice and slave drivers who push us into coerced progress. We oblige them, throw them bones, bum their cigarettes and slap them in the face by not listening. We commit ourselves to them just as we'd had whipped them into committing to us.

In that private space, vast or exclusive as we claim it to be, we find ourselves happy with the company we keep. So yeah, friends are space fillers, our personal kind of fillers that put the fluff to our otherwise shapeless stuffed persons.

See, there are some friends that will throw themselves off the boat just to save you. No matter if they don't know how to swim either, they'd just hang on to that anchor chain or buoy rope to get you.

And most probably, you'll both end up washing ashore, white, bloated and dead. The end was not the point but the fact that he did jump for you. What a sucker, but that sucker is a friend. Tough luck, he didn't know how to swim.

So what do you do for friends like that? The answer is you bash skulls for them. Write great things with them. Bum their cigs and get them a fresh pack after. Drink their beer and put ice on their glass to pour them a new pint. Grab that sucker by the neck and say he'd be good after a bad fall. Pour alcohol on his wounds and tell him he's got balls of brass. 

Stick with him and listen even he doesn't want to talk. Talk and talk until he does. If he still doesn't talk, talk some more and offer him more beer. You may get drunk during the process but you may just get through to him. To that friend who PR's the hell out of you to people you don't even know existed. It's a tough job to do but remember he did jump, he'd probably get take a hit for you. You just never know because he'll never suck up your ass to get your approval, he's had it all the long.

Breaking a personal thing, i'll use a lion for this one. That little lion of a man has got a pair of brass balls, gag reflexes of an anorexic but a liver of pure straining power. Not to mention a mean pen. Sure, you don't understand him for most of the time but you're still good with yourself you won over a friend like that. 

You'll choose him over other friends, not over all but over most. You'll just have to tell him to shrug things off , enjoy things, cherish the smaller victories and keep that hell of a job of being a good filler in your circle. What do you do when he's down? Jump into that hole with him, bring a bottle of whiskey with you because Mamma always said "Never go anywhere empty handed." You just keep doing what you do: be as great a filler as he is to you. Friends like him are the chain links to your anchor.

Keep in mind, in that lifeless sea, an anchor keeps your boat grounded, a string of buoys mark where you want to return to. Don't throw him a lifesaver, what are ya? A pussy?

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