Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Letter to the Things I Like

Dear Books,

Please let yourselves be known to me. For I am currently looking for good reads that can staple my brains to the roof of my skull like a bad hangover and make me want to drink more for another binge session. Please be affordable and make yourselves known to other people I know, too. Make them (us) your disciples so we could carry the good news and eradicate the zombie plague of smart phones, twitter and possibly (genius but definitely soul-eating) 9gag.

Dear Alcohol,
Keep it coming. Thanks.
Don't mind my tolerance, he is a flirt drunk.

Dear Smokes,

You are a deathbringer. But I loved you, still.

Dear Motorcycles,
Please become more affordable so I could buy another one and change the parts to begin my career in fabrications, customization and overall bike-building. I promise you, it won't hurt to put out just a wee bit. You selfish beauty, you.

Dear Life,
Please continue on doing your thing you do so well: teach mofos, like me, stuff that mofos would need to get on and actually be out there in the world. Regardless of dusty roads, splintered hands and trench foot, you have been the greatest teacher in anything that is contained in this universe. Having an alternate reality would be fun, until nuclear rain wipes out the entire population and replaces it with gummy candy creatures. They'd be fun to eat but no one will be left to do that.

Dear Boots,
Why are you just so handsome?
Dear Motivation to Write,
Why are you so elusive? Have I done you wrong? We were good friends. It was fun while it lasted.

Dear Paper,
Don't worry what the Internet says or does. It cannot replace you. I'd still choose you over PDF or ePub books. Plus, people can't roll joints with internet pages. Bobby Sands have had good use of you as cigs back in his day.

Dear Reader,
Thank you. I like you even if we'll never meet. Or we already have and you wouldn't be caught dead in reading this post it note.

Dear Son,
You are not a thing but I'll put you in this list. Using Cormac McCarthy's words, "you are my god" and everything I do right now is rooted in hopes of giving you exactly what a deity deems fitting for his existence. I hope to be religious enough to do things I have to on your stake. And please, try not to be your old man.

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