Thursday, July 26, 2012

This goes here, too. For you, too.

I can't speak for all people but when I say that there's a lot more things that simpler and smaller things do every minute of every day, I think I've hit the target with a buck shot. It's just that I look at this wrapper of crackers that I just ate and look at my screen, I haven't started a thing while that thing has expired in the 2 minutes it took to nobly sacrifice itself to cure me of my hunger pangs. 

Weirdly enough, I tweet that. It's like an epiphany but not one about the divine realization of the existence of one true god. It is those simple kicks in the gonads that make you think "Yea, what have I done lately?" Am I being paid to look at my screen, trying to look busy? Am I paying my school just to say to people "I'm studying at---" or am I just endlessly waiting for that shove that will give me a near death experience?

Whatever, it's just simple. I haven't been keeping my end of the bargain. Sure, people fancy themselves as big shots, them with big words with big hair and big outfits and big shoes to fill in. But the smaller dudes take the brunt of the hit, they get the weight pressed on their shoulders. That jeepney driver you scowled at for not stopping at the exact spot you intended to may have been at it even before your body clock got warmed up by the alarm. 

Or that wrapper of crackers, making art as it, too, expired. It left crumbs at my desk, it laid open, with strips of it out flung in more ways than one. It was a sudden reminder. And yes, I am writing about it now. I will get a kick of it and I will destroy my deadlines today. Stop reading and you should, too. Everyone one has got to start with something, big or small.

Let's make good ____. Or just do our jobs here, okay?

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