Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Writer's Block #6 - Why Must They Go?

Cue in: Audra Mae's cover of "Forever Young"

We have been living in the age of TV series. We have the different genres hitting different notes for the spectrum of emotions and preferences we viewers have. Rom-coms, science lab comedies, bar tales, zombie apocalypse, blood baths and so much more. But to tinker the aperture a little bit, let's focus on the more serious series to date, those of guns and booze and swords and dragons.

TV series are governed by the principles of entertainment, inspiration and fishing. For one, entertainment is possibly one of the greatest commodities that the human race consumes. For the part of killing time, it is an escape out of the usual.
Second, inspiration strikes the audience with similarities in their lives along with personal styles that are feather-tickled by the concepts and ideas of the series.
Lastly, fishing is an important part, since all of the viewers are hooked by the dramatic, climatic and explosive episodes, not to mention the season finales that we have all so dreaded, loved and missed dearly.

To give a few examples of my more favorite series, Sons of Anarchy had Half Sack, Boardwalk Empire had Jimmy and Game of Thrones had Ned Stark. They have many things in common actually. All are cool, solid guys but aside from that...they are all dead. I was destroyed as I saw these men fall from the ranks of their brethren, gang and club they all so loved. "F*ck, they really died!"

Writers of the said TV series are brilliant: Sutter, Winter and others, Benioff, Weiss and so on. Inception of these series are just gold in their purest sense. And no doubt, when they said these characters must die, they will and they will stay that way.

It's hard to accept but I guess these characters must have had a reason to pass on to the other realm. The three were war veterans in their own accord, bayonets, bullets and great swords couldn't keep them down back in the day. But the story did in one way- the script. Such is the power of the script, dragons may lay waste to the kingdoms, alcohol be the death of all and the gun running be the end of dear Sam Crow. Their stories will continue and their deaths could not have possibly been in vain. They are remembered, with or without tombstones.

Their stories will live on: Stark's Ice, Jimmy's trench knife and Half Sack's err... ball. They must go because having them in the story could be good but their demise had the series hanging in a better way. The writers knew how to quit while they were still ahead. Cool guys always die fast.

To the lost!

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