Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Writer's Block #1

Clocking in today at 8:48am, I get the papers, I turn the dispenser on, boot my laptop and read the latest news.

Honestly, I couldn't see myself anywhere else than on this make-shift writer's desk. I guess it has grown on me and I have grown on it. I'm not an exceptional writer, nor do I specialize on a field. It's just that writing gives me a sense of connection in this world of social network relationships and probably devaluating feeling of reality.

I think that nowadays, people seem to float around, kind of drifting from one place to another. I guess there's nothing wrong with it since most of us feel that some time or another. I think that that's what it feels like to be a writer by choice. You drift around, cling on to something you randomly pass by until you reach your desired destination. Sometimes, the driftwood in your travels are really gold.

That's when you hit your "Eureka" moment. You type on and on and on and you realize you're writing what's possibly one of your better pieces of late. And it is such a wonderful feeling to just see your words fluidly illustrate your current state of mind, emotion and opinion. You just float there, and you wander off to some other place.

But of course, there are days that you just can't seem to get your fingers moving. Words don't come out. It may take hours, days, weeks and God forbid, months. It may happen on work, in school, in meetings, exams or your leisure time. Yes, that sucks ass but you can't force yourself into writing a masterpiece you can't even visualize. Just wing it. Then pull the trigger if there's one in the chamber.

Now I'm just drifting away. Tiktak-ing on my keyboard. I guess this is going to be a long day.

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