Thursday, March 22, 2012

Writer's Block #7 - 3 1/2 Days

It's Monday, you have the sickness and you just want to take things slow after buckets and buckets of beer last night. You might just throw up and you swear you don't ever want to drink again. You pick up a cup of noodles and feel it hit the spot for a moment and then some...went back up.

Then it's Tuesday and you feel better. You keep your files neat after the noodle accident yesterday. Thank God you cleaned it before anyone noticed (but you're still not sure if anyone smelled it) and it cost you a roll of tissue paper. You crack your fingers, signaling the amount of reports you'll destroy today. You just get one done and end up losing your soul in the weird crevice of the vast Internet.

It's Wednesday and you feel like a zombie buried neck deep in sh*t and dirt. Your boss is breathing down your neck and you smell what he ate for lunch: sinigang sa bayabas. He says you get things done right now or you're walking home holding an early pay envelope and a goodbye note. He can suck balls. "But f*cknuts I have to do this." You worked your ass off so hard you had to get fingertip replacements. You are drained.

It's Thursday, you're there but not quite yet. It's been a wild week at the office and your corner desk has seen too much action (and not to mention files were kept, sent, stamped and stocked;good job BTW) but you just can't speed off. Then you only have 4 days at wo--***

You're gone. Just like that, every week of the month. Now I'm clocking off. So long folks. It's a good thing to lose yourself in work but remember there's a realm beyond the desk.
But too far wander not. Rattled journeyman follow true north so you may not lose your way. Don't leave bread crumbs for the critters, once lost, dearly you will pay.

F*cknuts. Read "The Meandering Lion" for real poetry. I'm out to buy some cancer sticks.

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