Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Writer's Block #2 - Old Friend

Friends usually have the lesser propensity to be lost in your life. Unlike your cigarette lighter that you have fondly cherished in the last 4 years or that trusty Swiss knife your friend gave you as a remembrance. Those things get lost no matter how shitty careful you are not to lose them. But friends will probably just kick your nuts in if you lost those but will probably care for you nonetheless. Those are probably the guys you would want to have your back in a bar fight or street rumble.

And there are the people who forget who you are after finding new outlets for social gratification and emotional connection. Yes, there are people like that and you may have encountered one or two along the way. And no, you can't scalp them alive. You know, it's just f*ing offensive to be deleted from their circle just because of a misunderstanding or "unstable" connection. We are not factory made parts you can just replace with brand new ones. That sucks a** but you have to realize that maybe you are at fault...which is the case some times but most probably not.

You just have to suck it in. Breathe in and out and maybe, just maybe, create a troll account and flame the little bastard to the fiery depths of sludgy hell he/she belongs to. Or better yet, just let him/her see he/she's not the only option. We are friends, I mean, eherm, we were friends. Maybe you really do need a new memory card, you need a higher disk space and a storage wiper.

Oh, and another thing. Please de-friend all my friends that you got to know since we severed all ties and connections after you did so. Thank you very much. You have a pleasant life ahead of you. You was a bitch before was I's.

Props to Tiger Beatdown for the meme. Just got to use it for the oh-so-jolly good expression.

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  1. Uh-oh. Seems like I know this ex-friend of yours. <3