Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Writer's Block #4 - Boot Party

There are various things in life that make me happy. Family, my little soldier, friends, bikes...and then there are boots. I wouldn't want to turn this blog into a fashion blog and all but they are just pure swag. I see boots as the go-to for any modern gentleman: sturdy, manly, functional and definitely stylish.

Vain as it may seem but looking like you don't care about how you look will really show. Even when you're a no-fuss guy, you still have to take into consideration the way you look and present yourself to others. And shoes anchor your total look. Whether you're an office type or a field warrior, you can find a piece that you can strap on.

For those who wonder if they can pull off the boot look, the answer should be: Why the hell can't you? It's a classic, gentlemen of old, workers of the mills and mines once wore boots to the ground and looked good doing so. Even soldiers wore them for para-drops and marching on towards the gates of Berlin and the craggy streets of post-war Intramuros.

Whether it's wingtip boots, jump boots, combat shoes or the classic 8-eyes or thousand miles, you can definitely kick anything in with them. Just don't yell "Put your mouth on the f*ing curve!!!" in the middle of the night.

Boots pictured are the John Varvatos Adler, Red Wing Iron Ranger and a number from To Boot.

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