Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Writer's Block #3 - Early Morning Sins

from weaponcollector.blogpsot.com
"Wake up. Wake up. I don't wanna wake up."

There are lots of great things about mornings; the fresh brew, kawali-fresh sinangag, sunny-side up eggs smiling at you and begging for a lather of banana ketchup and toast bread, even champorado with tuyo and other wondrous things. The list goes on and on and they make you wanna dance to work, school or wherever you need to go.

And then there are the things that make you sin early in the morning. The list goes on and on, too. And your sins will keep on rolling after that if you don't keep your cool. Here are some usual morning buzzkills on my list, I'm deeply sorry, I'm a sinful nominal.

  • Commuters taking too long walking up the crossing. - They could speed up and save you from cursing and mind you, getting late for your appointment.
  • Scumbag fellow PUV riders. - These are really, REALLY, annoying people. They sit like a king with their legs wide open. Sometimes I wonder if they are harboring a fugitive down there or maybe they have a set of coconuts for ball sacs. You pay for the same fare but you get seated like you owe them your life. Life is indeed unfair.
  • Cell screamers. - They own the PUV, and they make sure they're heard up until the next mountain. HELLO?!?!?
  • The Bobble Head. - These are really not annoying for me but it's a pity that sometimes they are like dead people on public transports. They throw their heads side to side, front to back and darn it, even splooge their morning saliva on an unknowing seatmate. Poor fella.
  • The morning grumpies. - These people look like they've had a years of bad luck building up to the boiling point up until the time you see them. They have an innate way of making you feel their bad mood as it resonates. Then you feel like you can't go to work anymore, it rubbed off on you.
  • The 20-seater jeep that can only fit 19. - This sucks big time. You really have to fill in all the seats as the barker or driver instructs. Brace your balls, another passenger is coming.
  • The BoomBox Jeep. - What?!? I can't hear you!!! *ears bleeding/soul's ears also bleeding*
  • Scumbag driver. - Does not give you change or gives less change. Also, may occasionally not hear you are stopping the vehicle on purpose.
  • The comfortable bed. - It's the feeling that it hugs you back that's more annoying. Curse you bed.
Actually, there are a lot more in the list but this may have to stop now. I might have to pay extra for my long list of sins. Happy cursing!

P.S. This is gonna hurt you more than it will hurt me.
Props to Weapon Collector for the image.

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