Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thank you, more please.


Tried a new joint at the local mall earlier. It's a Filipino restaurant that's celebrating the most (probably) Filipino food of all: adobo. The food was good. No, better. It was fulfilling. What made it fulfilling is not just the flavor alone, although it reminds me of home since we are fond of eating adobo with just the right amount of glistening oil and liver. The crew was very hospitable.

I'm sure that it's part of their job to be so but it's a feeling that very few people can fake. The generous servings of steamed rice, it's all-you-can eat btw, and the smiles make a good combo. I know, I'm a rude bastard at times but I always make it a fact to say 'thanks' whenever someone is serving me something to eat. 

Kahit sa carinderia, sa turo-turo, sa pwesto ng mga fishball o betamax. Lagi kang magpapasalamat. Kahit banas ka na sa haba ng pila sa MRT at parang wala nang marunong magsabi ng isang salitang dapat ipinupukpok sa sub-conscious at lalo na sa conscious self natin. 

What better way to repay their kindness (by not spitting at your food) than a resounding "salamat" to top it off.

That's the least they deserve for doing their jobs and doing it well. It's fun to see people do the same to crew members even if the service is crappy or needs a little tweak for improvement. Did I mention that they have amazing fried garlic toppings on their adobo?

That moment reminded me of a movie I watched. It was a suggestion from a very special friend. Happy tummy. Somewhat happy soul.


  1. totoo. dapat nagpapasalamat sa mg nagsisilbi ng pagkain. at dapat tinatawag sila sa pangalan nila. kaya nga may name tag sila.

    nga pala, nagwaiter ako minsan nung college. at hindi ko na uulitin. mahirap ang ginagawa nila.

    1. yung ang isa pang dapat gawin ng mga tao.

      mahirap nga kaya dapat pinasasalamatan sila at hindi sila nanglalason ng mga irate customers.