Monday, December 10, 2012

pity, pacquiao and pablo

Pacquiao does not owe anything to people saying squat about his KO yesterday. 

He was faced with a top-tier fighter like himself. 

He got hit by 'Il Dinamita' square in the face.

Most people would probably wake up a week later if they were hit as hard like that.

Congrats, Congressman Pacquiao. You showed how much of a classy fighter and figure that you truly are.

But just so you know, you can lay low with the Lordy-Lordy thing. Your mom is not a bit happy with it.

Anyhow, let's not forget the many different people who tuned in to the fight. They are really hoping and betting on Pacman for the win. Not to mention, many of these people are also recovering from the devastation that Typhoon Pablo recently brought to people in the south.  An estimated 600+ are never to see Manny's next fight on pay-per-view or national tv. Even more are missing and probably have not seen the fight from where they are. Mind you, they might still be alive under the colossal weight of fresh earth and angry rocks swept by the floods from Compostela Valley and CDO. Others might be drifting in the ocean as they sailed to win money from angrier seas and tides.

It is funny how our people can see the silver lining even just for a little while when it comes to tragedy. If I were at Comp Valley when the typhoon hit, I'd probably be dead by now.

We are a tragedy prone people. We lose lives over floods and slides and rain and shit. Hurricane Sandy was a tragedy all the same but Pablo or Bopha did something worse. I think we have a problem with that, the world has seen more images and news about Sandy than Bopha. Even typhoons have supremacy issues. As long as it is the center of "human civilization" (just like in those alien and catastrophe movies) and more English-named cities and buildings, they'd have more coverage. Let's just hope and pray that something like Bopha does not happen to 'Merica.

Sana lumaban pa ang mga kababayan nating nasalanta. Bangon tayo, tulad ni Manny. Mas mahirap lang kalaban ang mga illegal loggers at si Inang Kalikasan.