Sunday, December 9, 2012


"The temptation was over bearing. The proximity was fearful and delectable at the same time. She was inches away but I was too scared to do anything. It was a frozen yet passing moment. It was delightfully memorable.

She was just there but I was far away in a place I've created for myself. I had no ticket home though I felt that I was never away. Never away as long as she was close.

I've had passed to make sure no mistakes were made. No regrets in the next morning. My mouth was a minty hot mess. Maybe it's how I'd want her to remember my lips. Disgusting but somehow... Different, in a good way. I want to steal her sleep but I can't. That's why I'm writing this now to make me realize how much of a chance I let slip by.

It passed through the gaps of my fingers. I couldn't even smell her, even with just inches of gaping and proud space that's separating us. It was a long fall, long enough to reminisce the firsts of many things. I had let my perfect goodbye slip into just a memory of a failed sortie. She was too much for me. That I know, that I'll never forget. Foolish boy. Goddam foolish boy. Pansy-ass sissy.

There is no songbird tonight."


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