Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On being thoughtful.

Being expressive in words can be very advantageous. You can tell people what you mean, what you think and what you really want to say. That’s if, those words are spoken. Writing a letter is very different from speaking up and telling it to the person’s face. Of that, I am sure. I have words but not a voice to back it up. 

I’m somehow good at words but only in the written format. And it is not a good thing. Well, only for papers and press releases that I’m working on. But my words escape me when it comes to personal interaction. Those fleeting moments that could have been better with just a few words or a whole paragraph to explain feelings, emotions, sides and point of view.

How many times have we not told the people that matter to us the many things that are going inside our heads? What for? Fear of rejection, insecurity, anxiety, lack of confidence. And then, after that, there’s a gnawing feeling for a time. It lingers and grows on you. For fear of things to change after an exchange of words or confessions, we sometimes risk everything to lay by and be forgotten just so we can avoid uncomfortable moments. Spiral of silence. We communicate to shed our guilt. When we don’t, we are too cozy in our comfort zones.

When was the last time you told your special someone how beautiful she is? How you like her hair falling on her face effortlessly to make you feel like her face was a natural work of art. When was the last time you hugged your mum just for the sake of holding her and imprinting the feeling in your busy head? When was the last time you had a drink or a smoke with your old man to share with him the nuances of growing up as a man? When did you last have a chat with your sister to ask her about everything you can since you are “too busy” at work? Have you ever stroked your man’s brow to whisk away his sweat from all the plumbing work he’s doing at home and told him “Thanks, hun.”

Yea, that got a little out of hand. Speak more. Talk more. Relate more. Silence is a sickness in a point in our lives when we should be dealing with people that will last in our calendars and planners. Looking at people on the public transpo or on the streets talking to people in their lives is sorta disturbing. Yea, it really is. Only because you never use your phone to contact people you care about anymore. You just use it to play Angry Birds when you’re bored and refresh Tweets when you’re being “social.”

We have broken lines that can be reconnected with just words. It’s cool and all, being men and women with few words just as long as those words matter. You don’t have a postpaid plan for nothing. We are on mobile connections all the time. We do Facetime and upload photos on Instagram but we never truly connect. Dig? You can write that shit all you want and dream of a scenario where everything is as good as you can imagine. It’s a shame you can’t share it in a time when all that you need to do to share is press or click a button.

Broken lines, son.


  1. People have different ways of expressing their emotions. But, yeah, it would be nicer if sincere affection could be said freely.

  2. Writing is one of my way to express myself. Malaking tama eto. Iba ka talaga :)

  3. If only it's as easy to confidently say the words we so honestly and easily write with our hearts. Then again, not everyone writes as good as they speak. Fair enough. :)

    1. maybe. or if we could just say a fraction of those words and tell them the most important words in our whole vocab, that'd be more than enough :)