Tuesday, November 27, 2012

sun spilled shirt

Yes, it is that time of the year again. And no, I'm not talking about halloween. Tapos na 'yun.

It's nearing December and skinny love is being pulled to string thin. Will it unravel at the seams? I think not. 

"Come on skinny love, just last the year."

Waking up earlier today was difficult. The warmth of my bed and my cheap fleece-like blanket proved to be very difficult entities to argue with. My Ma woke me up to tell me that food is already served (Thanks, Ma!) She said it was freshly steamed rice and chicken longganisa, those film coated meatstuff that's being sold in breakfast meals at Jollibee. I answered "Mrhrmrr. Thanks, po." Then she flicked the lights on and it felt like a flashbang. The burst of light fried my eyeballs from underneath the eyelids. She told me to get up and try on a shirt she bought me. Lookie, advanced Merry Christmas!

I tried it on, half-awake and half-excited and still half-wrapped in my cheap fleece blanket. It fit perfectly. "Thanks, po." It was a bright orange shirt, almost neon. It was a nice gift. Talk about a good morning.

Somehow, when I got up today, I still thought that there's a way to make a double back. But it seems the beaten gets weary enough to just call it quits. I wore the polo my Ma gave me today. I feel like a walking traffic cone but it felt good wearing it. Perhaps the sunset may look dim but as you come nearer, it's tightly knit rays keep peeking through the clouds. You never get away from the sunset, okay, you can if you die but otherwise, you just can't.

This is not goodbye. It is a bright 'hello' and I hope you feel the same way. Damn you, Word. I nearly lost the file I saved. Don't ever do that again. 

My Ma is just so good at starting my day.

"Pour a little salt, we were never here."


  1. Malapit na ang 12.12.12. hehe. Ang sweet ng iyong mama. Namiss ko mama ko :'(

    1. sweet talaga si mami! itext at tawagain ang mama ngayon din!

  2. this entry gives that healthy warm feeling in the heart. thank you sir.