Thursday, November 8, 2012

On my last post. It's not the 100th, sorry guys.


This here, post, seems to be my 98th post. I forgot to post two drafts in my queue. Sad. The last post is apparently not my 100th but I'll stick to it because that's what Semper Fidelis means.

Anyhow, apparently, there is a buzz going on with the Hysterical Literature videos in the art world. It has been called many things among which "high art" and apparent "poor taste" are the more stronger words.

I'm not a student of the "art" but as I remember from my earlier classes, there had always been a separating line between the "high brow" and the "popular." Of course, the richer tend to be more learned in "appreciating" art as it is or was, hence, collections and carefully curated works that they have "claimed" that only the people higher intellects, like themselves, can understand. The popular are the bakya, with cheaper tastes for artistic swill and the always dreaded mainstream. I see the image as a perceived pyramid wherein the one percenters enjoy the view from the top and the bums hold the lower levels of the pyramid feed off the leftovers of artistic interpretation, appreciation and conception.

It so happens that sex and art, when mixed, is a whirlwind. Will it be pornography if human sexual pleasure and excitation is captured in canvas, photographs, film or graffiti? Will it be art if done in a clinical artistic way? I, for one, don't know shit.

Kulturang Popular, you really taught me a thing or two. I'm not an expert but you make me sound like I swaggerjacked one.

Here are the links to articles I've managed to scour for your discerning eyes and understanding. It's not necessarily branding. The need for qualifying and identifying which specific genre it falls onto or which people can understand its message is, I think, unnecessary.

Reid Singer's article on Artinfo regarding the mixing of the high brow and the low with  a suicide leap bordering on porn.

Danielle Ezzo's reply to Singer's article. Describing the more than flawed structuring of the belief of straight edge art and its connection to the "one-percenters."

Here, model Stoya describes the experience of battling the sensation and paying attention to the book.

Lastly, Supervert's reaction to the series. 

This shit's profound, man.


  1. Cool tong post na to Kuya! Bago at informative! =) Will be reading about this.

  2. Opo! Napanood ko na yung 5 videos. hehehe. Pinost ko din sa blog ko :D

    1. Interesting and provocative, somewhat haha :D