Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Felt tip works

 There are few things that have welcomed me into manhood. There's fatherhood, of course. Driving lessons: two-wheels that I learned the hard way (with scars to prove it) and four-wheels (with a learner's permit for proof.) Job applications, pay slips, legitimate addictions, bouts with alcohol, erratic behavior and so on. Drawing remained a hidden childhood memory but it has resurfaced lately.

As a kid, I used to sort of pride myself in my creations, seeing that the other kids in my class were below my talent line, so to speak. But then, as I grew older, I realized that my drawings are cute, not good. I saw other people's works and said 'Fuck it. I better leave this art stuff to those who are really good at it' and so I transferred to writing. I really have former schoolmates who are very talented, some are already quite skilled in the art department.

I've been very much in love with prospect of getting tattoos for a sort of storytelling. I picture it as my own way of being identified with many things that happened in my life that obviously had a huge impact on my perspective, attitude, outlook and the way I steer my life as of now. Then I had the idea of making my own tattoo designs so that they will be more personal: banking on beliefs, landmarks represented by meaningful illustrations that I've sort of think is applicable. 
Swallow as inspired by Sailor Jerry flash
The swallow is symbol of loyalty for me. It was supposed to be my first tatt but the need for the headstone memorial tatt trumped it. It will be the next to be done on my right shoulder down until my upper right chest. 

Black eye lightning cloud. Eye with tear drop reference to
"While Mortals Sleep" by Kurt Vonnegut
 Inspired by two things, The Gypsy Gentleman and While Mortals Sleep. The bruise under the eye is an ode to the 1st episode of TGG. I very much liked the idea of the rowdy, rough-and-tumble scene of early 1940s New York. They had real Black Eye Specialists among the tattoo originators. Kurt Vonnegut, on the other hand is probably the most influential writer for me, right now. His satire is just genius, his ideas; thought provoking. He even made assholes look cute. I hope I get a good tattoo artist to finish the design. It symbolizes "struggle" and to elaborate on that matter will take more pages than I intend to use in this post.

Hooligan strong arm insignia inspired by old English-styled
This design is a prototype. I just had the idea of doing this as I was looking at English-inspired art during the past weeks. It has that troublemaker look to it, that many Brit boys in the early 80's and 90's have been known for.

I've had the time to draw these designs during my last field work. I had plenty of time and the boredom needed a little company. I'll post more designs if I get the nerve to take pictures of them. Sorry for the poor drawingsz. I guess I better stick to writing.


  1. oh ano na yan. nagsusulat ka na, gumuguhit ka pa. dume-demigod mode?

    1. Haha hindi naman sir. Bumabalik lang sa dating nakagawian.