Tuesday, September 18, 2012


"He was rolling with her. In that tight and scratchy rug that has been the recipient of many liquid spillages and food debris. They were both rolling in it. It was cool but their body temperatures are slowly syncing. Tears or sweat have beaded on their brows, foreheads and temples. It was definitely going to be a caloric burn.

She did not know what will happen that afternoon. For all she could think, it'll be another day at work. Stressed out coffee maniacs in the morning rush, people are surging in. They were all busy people, doing busy things, having busy conversations and unforgiving routines. The coach was overflowing with human substance, there was busy-ness all around and it conjured a hazy image of the incoming trains and faces in it. The next station was to decongest and again congest the train with human busy-ness. She was waiting for the last stop.

Arriving at the office safely, normally, she went to the cubicle to register her daily hand carry. It was a ritual to show the peeps at her office that she has indeed showed up for another riot of a day. She sat at her chair, scanned the desk for any missed items and compilations of shit that has been growing and taking life lately. This will be another crackling day. Losing a few minutes in an empty meandering stare into the screen, she got up. She went straight to the wash room. What else do you do in the wash room? The fixtures reflected her young, shriveled personal notion of beauty. Mirrors lined up to meet her, there was a simple break in the reflection. Wiping her hands dry with the paper towel, she noticed that the office has recently switched to greener solutions to the growing garbage problem. It was taking a shot at recycling and eco-friendly brown paper towels. It looked like a crumpled grocery bag.

It was all silent at first. An awkward flicker of lights from the TV sent a soothing beam of afternoon goodness into the room. It was a semi-old LCD TV, she had bought it for herself though she barely had time to surf channels for things that interest her, really. It was a surprisingly early comfort to be on the couch. It was a surprise even to the TV, it was switched on after 2 weeks of awkward encounters.

She didn't have anything fun to do. She didn't know there were things that were even fun to do. He was her fun. She was about to find out in a rough way. It was an afternoon scuffle that was much of a discovery for both of them. The cool breeze from the AC unit was starkly familiar, it felt more like an office than a home. But they were each other's home for a while. They were coming both home that afternoon.

This discovery was not pushed forcibly. It was waiting for a spillover of curiosity and waning identities. They were reveling in each other's nubile bodies. They were both young but old at the same time. They didn't have time for pleasantries, they just immersed themselves in the presence of such visceral emotion and passionate feral intent. He was surprised how perky she was, tight and bouncy in all the good ways and places. She was a handful in a slender way. Her shriveled fingers lingered on his shoulders, slightly scratching and clawing. They both had torsos of the glory years of youth. She wanted to be eaten. Whole, deep and unapologetic. 

It was a surprising afternoon. She woke up in the faint glow of the skyline burning to a bluish red smear. It was 6:04 pm, she was hungry from the office holiday. She had missed the memo posted at the office bulletin board. They both nearly missed each other."


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