Wednesday, August 15, 2012

to the movie house

In this day and age, it's almost impossible not to find things that you want to experience. You have the internet, the download sites and the different options there are. That's basically it for me. Most of the movies or shows that I've seen so far have piled over the ones I ever saw with a ticket or at legit viewing place.

It has been, I think a year since I last went out to see a movie. I forgot the feeling. I missed the dark and the cramped seating they have. Also, the viewing etiquette was far from what I was used to, people are texting most of the time. Maybe they're frequent movie goers but for those who weren't, it was an inconvenience. Just the light beaming from their expensive bricks are annoying enough but still, it couldn't come between viewer and film.

And then I did go to a movie. With buddies. And I am planning to do it again, soon. I forgot the feeling of being lost in brilliant two hours in another world. I missed the enormity of the scenes that seem to engulf my current shrinking bead of a life. It was fun, of course. The surround sound was awesome, too. It felt like the waves hit me from all around the room, maybe a little bit came from the floor. There were words that I couldn't make up but meh, part of the experience.

It's a little shallow for a rediscovery but it damn felt like it was. I'm being bitchy about it, so what? The other memorable experiences inside movie houses that I can recall so far is between getting my mind blown or getting lapped up by a girl in make out sessions.

It's a cheap thrill, what more can I say? Let's go see a corny movie, sans popcorn, make out sessions and pesky phones. You're not giving the movie the attention it deserves. 

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