Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spreads like wild fire

I met a certainly disturbing dream last week. 

It was a train ride with an acquaintance I hardly ever know or see, or care for that matter. There was an awkward greeting followed by aloof glances. It's hard enough to see someone you really know in such a cramped space and limited time that it is more painful to see someone who barely scratched the surface of your attention.

There were exchanged remarks, skittering "how are you's" and skid marks of past happenings. There was a nervous air to it and it felt bad. How glad I was to wake up to a dark room with just enough light peeking through the windows and curtains.

This just in from real life, I just got my tippler of a father to read again. Interesting idea, he caught it like a swatter hits a fly: rare but satisfying. I think we may be having developments in our drinking sessions. Maybe we'll have more things to talk about than the ties that seem to be familiar to the both of us.

Also, I am writing crap right now so I am truly sorry. Vonnegut's quotes help a little.

Another thing to get out there, just bought 5 books. I'm a broke book slut who gets by with epub versions.

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