Monday, January 18, 2010

A move to help, innovate and diversify

It was only days ago when the wrath of nature destroyed the city of Haiti, Latin America. Organizations from all over the globe both public and private reached out to lend their hands to the people whose lives had been damaged by the catastrophic incident. With the advent of new technology and innovation, it is common but still paradoxically surprising to see people whose lives are truly out of the disaster, to give out their hands.

I was senselessly facebook-ing yesterday when I saw posts by organizations that are willingly helping the victims of the disaster. They are appealing for help, donations, and volunteers and it is great to know that many are sympathizing. Many already sent their help and many are still expected to do so. Here, check out these links:

In addition to that, most of the facebook applications like Mafia wars, etc., are campaigning for the victims of the Haiti disaster. It is great to know that even though most of us see this world as place of chaos and misunderstanding, love between people of varying languages, nationalities, religions and philosophies still persist. True, the real goodness of men will always prevail and with the continuing and combined efforts of countries to unite a world broken apart by diverse differences, it would not be uncommon to see a world of technology, innovation, diversity, understanding and love.

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