Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lomolit: Flutter (Part 3)

What they had was a beautiful orchestration when looked at from the outside – much like a thunderstorm on a cloudy night with all its forked bolts hitting the ground, or the eruption of a volcano with its fiery display of pent-up force.

Photo by shoujoai
But a view from the inside tells so much more – it was a scalding and tumultuous affair. They reveled in their chaos because that’s what they are. They fought ferociously as much as they made up after every clash on the street, inside a room or a restaurant. Dean and Mika knew that what they had in their hands was far from normal but they knew how to make it work. Only they knew how.
Distance was a thing for them. For the longest time, they were so close to each other that they became too comfortable. Mika, with her wistful charm and wit attracted a lot of attention. She liked the attention she was getting. She forgot what Dean’s attention meant to her.
Dean was confident that what he had with Mika was more than just friendship. Although they didn’t really put a label on it, the both of them knew. It was a matter of time before one of them caved in. But time passed and no one did. It was an impasse. They had reached a standstill.
“What are you doing?” asked Dean while they were having sandwiches at a diner.
Her favorite was bacon, lettuce and tomato but her plate was getting cold. She played around with her food and the little tine marks on the tomato ring she dismantled from the then soggy piece of food were clearly visible.
“What am I doing?” replied Mika in confusion.
Photo by geltona
Mika was eyeing a guy from the corner lounge of the diner. Ever since they walked in, all eyes stuck to her and this particular set belonged to a rugged-looking guy. That pair of eyes was still glued to her as Dean looked intently at her.
She knew what Dean was talking about. She was frolicking in and around town with different friends and she did enjoy herself almost every night. Sometimes work or anything else more important became lesser priorities. Mika was always out having a good time; she was enjoying her youth and the beauty that was handed to her with pink ribbons and sterling packaging.
She knew she was attractive and that it was just a matter of time before the first few people noticed, got up from their seats and offered her drinks, dates and rides home. Just when you think you know someone, it hits you suddenly that you barely scratched the surface.
He was still looking at her. His face was starting to scrunch a bit. Mika could feel Dean looking through him and his eyes were starting to give him away. He was confident enough with what they had. And maybe, that was what was wrong with him. Mika went on dates – most of them dinners and were offered flowers on a regular basis that her small pad could almost pass for a small flower shop sans the signboard. Although she wanted Dean to take her out, it didn’t occur to her that he really wanted to since he’s just being his usual self – cold, passive but intense. He must have been sculpted from stone, she sometimes thought.
Mika let some of her dates give her a ride home. Sometimes, a peck on the cheeks or a kiss on the lips if she liked the dinner or she had fun or they held hands on the way to the movies; as long as it was fun. If Dean only knew, it would have destroyed him. Maybe he does? Who cares? Mika kept quiet.
Photo by endorphin
Dean stood up, took out a crumpled bundle of bills and tried to flatten them neatly on the table. He went out without even finishing his plate. The same pair of eyes that belonged to the guy with the steely looks never left Mika’s face. She knew that all along and she was getting interested.
Mika took a sip from her glass of water. Dean scorched the tip of the cigarette that was hanging from his trembling lips. The loud rumbling of his beat up car faded as Mika returned the favor of his gaze. She put her fork down on her plate with the uneaten sandwich dissected into parts.

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