Thursday, February 14, 2013


I'll try to re-write what I've accidentally deleted a while back. Fuck.

Well, my story started with how much tv series and movies I've been watching recently and that I can't seem to enjoy the plots that much because of something I've read. It's about a tip or interview of some sort that Vonnegut gave and it was about writing. The main idea was to let something miserable happen to your characters whenever you're writing. It just stuck all the way though up to now.

So, when everything's going diddly fine on Breaking Bad, Girls or Boardwalk Empire, I automatically assume that the grim part of the script is just waiting at the turn, waiting to blind side you and just depress the fuck out of your fictional world. Yes, they are written superbly by people who are just plain great, genius even though Calvin Weir Harris wouldn't like to hear that word around him or used to refer to him. That sounded fragmented.

Well, the thing is I automatically assume that the characters are on a suffering race and that it's just a matter of time until the next big thing bursts their bubble. The conflict is amazing, however. The weaving of the stories and how they all end up tangled in the end, just fucking brilliant. I sometimes catch myself thinking why I didn't think of that shit? It's always safe to think that someone's going to get shot and turned into human goo in a plastic barrel. 

Vonnegut made sure I thought of that. Though it still makes you itch to see what happens and it makes you want to feel surprised about how the next punch to the gonads is going to wrapped and packaged. Will it be subtle and striking or in your face brass knuckles to shuffle all your teeth out type of way? We don't know that, only the idea that when something gets all high up in one point, the crash is sure to come. Talk about being a pessimist even in the fictional world.

Hell, what is the world without struggle, right? It's just one struggle after another. You never run out of those things. If you do, it's either you're dead or in a coma.

Watching Ruby Sparks and One Day made me feel that thing with the highs and lows and all that roller coaster of emotions and shit. What will happen after Calvin and Ruby's perfect relationship? What happens next, now that Em and Dex are finally together? It's a Russian Roulette and the bullet always ends up in your chamber. It waits for the final click of the hammer.

Fuck, yea. Naisulat ko uli pero nawala ang karamihan sa train of thought.

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