Monday, May 21, 2012


NOTE: As the title says, it is. You are welcome for the bashing.
Of what I am and what I want to be, it depends on how you would want or like it to be.

Tomorrow is a promise of moving things. Shit turning to gold and sometimes the other way around. Tomorrow is a sign of change; a transformation that usually leaves people withered, bruised, bitter and cold. And yet, tomorrow is a constant reminder of a hope that all will never cease to wish for. Because in tomorrows there are wishful thinkings and maybe happier endings and memorable beginnings.

Though, nothing trumps the goods of today. In today, people learn to live with what they have. In today, lovers learn to take chances with every step and risk their hearts as they find themselves content with the wines of their hearts. In today, gamblers take pride of their earnings while grifters wait patiently for the next payday. There are many things that happen within 'today.' Today urges people to move for the fear of losing something they cannot get tomorrow. Though there are things that you have to let pass till' the next.
I am not a lot of things. I am only a small list of things.

For starters, I am not well educated nor am I versed in a single jargon of profession.
Though I can learn for your sake so I could understand the world you live in.

I am not rich as many people are nor do I aspire to be richer than what I need be.
But I can improve myself in ways I need not splurge lots of cash on, like knowing your perfect coffee blend to perk you up in the morning.

I am not a social person nor do I enjoy the company of others that I need not be in.
Though I can keep my self together for your sake during your fund raisers, events and what not. I'll even learn how to wear a necktie and button down shirts.

I am not a heavy worker nor do I take my work loads as much as you do, maybe I'm lazy that's all.
But I'd make sure you have your breakfast in the morning, your files before you leave and your medicines at night to keep your tummy from eating you up.

I am not a patient person nor do I tolerate the bullshit of other people.
Though I'm sure I'd hose you down with kisses when you get angry with work or when it's that time of the month that Mother Nature sucker punches you. I'd make you hot tea or coco with marshmallows if you'd like. I'd even go to the mall with you when you shop for anything you set your eyes at. I am willing to tough out 5 hours of nonstop walking and drifting as long as I get to hold your hand as you drag me in and out of stores.

I do not own a car or a motorcycle to drop you off or fetch you from work.
Though I'd ride buses or other means of transportation to get to you. Even when it rains so hard and my socks and feet are one and the same. I'd still go out to buy you your midnight cravings.

I do not know the meaning of sober sometimes nor do I know when to stop in my drinking binges.
Though I'd drop that bottle or can when you text me to go home or drop by the grocery for munchies.   It's better exercise for me anyways.

I am not sweet nor good at remembering dates that are special in our life together.
Though I am ready to buy a planner and mark each thing you want me to remember. Just so you could stop swinging at my head with that baseball bat. But I'd still love you if you hit me, my kisses will just miss a spot where my tooth was once at.

I am not a high pay grade employee or worker nor will I be promoted up until 5 years later.
I will give you a ring that signs my name to you. A thornband so cheap, not even thugs will rob me off when I get jumped in an alley. But that is still better than any ring that any rich guy can offer you. I paid it with advance cash outs from work, not with the old money of my parents.

I am not a professional. I do not possess a license of some sort.
Though I promise to write these kinds of things for you until we get old for it is the only thing I know. I'd still write about how shiny you were, still are, even if you bitch out on me during your bad days. I know better, we know better because we live today and only wait for tomorrow together.

With that thornband on my neck since I've grown too fat and my finger can't breathe when it's on.

Of what I am and what I want to be, it depends on how you would want or like it to be.

Though if you ask me to wear it, maybe I'll get off the couch and work my ass off so the ring could fit again.

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  1. Aww Chee! This is so sweet. Loved every bit of it! Good job. Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! :)