Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hangover Remedy

For the usually inebriated, alcohol can bring many good things to their dizzying world of spins and bar-room brawls. To name a popular few, things appear to be lighter in the eyes of a boozed man. People's faces light up hence the famous "beer goggles" that so many have sworn to have fallen victim to. Then there are the usual unhinging of social insecurities like talking to other persons, most probably that of the opposite sex. And then there's just the liberating feeling of being with friends and getting hammered entirely for a night, calling it a "blank day" that ultimately feels and hurts like it the next day.

No, this post is not about the movie "Hangover." 

The usual rants about a glorious night at the pub is the possibility that tomorrow will be good day when in fact it is just starting to take things for the worse. In the course of my life as an occasional boozer, I've encountered this thing over and over. I despise it again and again. But I'll love it until I get a memo from my body with more than three exclamation points.

The wonderful and poisonous cycle will go on forever until all of humankind is just not intoxicated with that stuff anymore. There are things that make boozing great: family, food and friends. Being brought up in a Filipino way, family is always an integral part of any partaking. Good food shared between family members and asshole(but good) friends are always a good sign of boozing to a good degree. The clinking of bottles or glasses is a sign of cheer though some end up in gushing tears and unexpected confessions.

I should be mad about drinking since I hated what my father did when I was younger. The Prohibitionists have been staunch defenders of sobriety and lawful conduct when it comes to illegal distribution and consumption. But there are just things so evil that you can't even hold them down with  cuffs and shackles. Who would want to waste a perfectly good bottle of rum if they looked so good in Boardwalk Empire? Nucky Thompson, if you were real, though you are based on someone's true accounts, you know that there's a glass for all.

There are glasses for all of us. Some like beer steins, others prefer shot glasses, college kids in America favor the red cup and the beer bong, one thing's for certain: one hangover is never anyone's last.