Monday, November 23, 2009

Setting things straight.

11/23/09 Monday.

Instead of beating the deadline, the deadline beat me. Oh well. Back to the notepad for me.

Hi. Hello. This is my very first entry for this blog. I really am not much of a blogger but as the need arises ( i.e. this is my actual blog for my Journ 113 class, hi classmates! ) I will try my best not to look stupid as much as possible for reasons such as :

1. this is a graded class
2. I kind of want to create an outlet for my most wasted thoughts and ideas as of late
3. and maybe, just maybe, this is what I need to get things straight

I almost forgot to introduce myself. I am Marc, or Chee, currently a 3rd year Journalism student form UP Baguio. (Age of the author is not published for it is deemed not significant to the readers,if there are any or there will be in the future) I plan to make this blog as less painful to read and understand. I also plan to talk about issues that really clutter my head and make me think "what's up with that?"

And if some of you out there are asking WTH does 'Going Guderian' means, well..Heinz Guderian is a top general of Hitler's world domination campaign which included Mr. Guderian's ever so famous "Blitzkrieg" strategy. Yes it killed a lot of people back in the day, but it got the job done for the Germans. A war strategy that was very effective in the 2nd World War. Its fast, direct, and what's good about it is, it really got the job done for them. That is what I am aiming for with this blog.
I'm not aiming for your heads, guys, I'm just blabbering about stuff in this blog.

So there it goes, my first entry. My first blog. Hope i don't fade early. I'm actually counting on second wind to push through with this. Please bear with me.

Site is currently undergoing construction to serve you better. Thank you. I'll try to keep posting stuff here.

(P.S. I enjoyed watching the 'Apocalypse: Second World War' by Nat Geo so I kind of thought the Guderian fact was cool.)

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