Saturday, November 28, 2009


11/28/09 Saturday.

I was preparing my meal for dinner last night and my landlady was hovering around the house discussing a few things with her children. I, being the oblivious person I am sometimes, did not mind what they were talking about and continued my own business of preparing my gourmet canned dinner composing of a foreign brand of luncheon meat, egg, and of course steamed rice. My landlady however, noticed my 'main course' for the night. She said 'Hala ka, di ba may Melamine yan? Yan 'yung nabalita dati a.' After which she gave a little laugh, cuing me that it was a joke. I smiled in courteous reply and said 'Ay, opo.' She then said 'Biro lang, sige kain ka na 'dyan.'

The Melamine findings scared the whole world and gave its poor citizens another thing to worry about in life. Yet another scare, another dirty play I'd say.

That insignificant moment made me think of the ever infamous power of the media to make people believe. This country says this and the other denies. A constant play of power really. I think that the scare was just a way to give people something to think about, or, something more to worry about. Lead poisoning, melamine scare, anthrax threat, swine flue, SARS and etcetera. Instead of giving us problems, why don't they just give us solutions? But still, thanks for the heads up.

What really makes me wonder is that are the mentioned products safe to consume now? Maybe they are safe now because I was just able to buy one can from a well known establishment. I am oblivious, sorry for that. If there are news pertaining to my question please feel free to post. For now I'll feast on my 'fire retardant' meal. Chow time!

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  1. And there were the news about food scarcity that came out after Ondoy and during Pepeng. Sir Jawo said something about a reporter from ABS-CBN Northern Luzon and his story about panic buying.