Thursday, May 29, 2014

LomoLit: Cleaning up

“You owe me, buddy.” Jay told Amer as he wrapped a frosted glass ashtray in bubble wrap. “You owe me big time.”

“Owe you? For what?”
Photo by lighttomysoul
“For helping you pack all of this stuff without a moment’s notice. You should really work on your planning, dude.”
“Yeah, yeah. But I knew I could count on you, bud. Your beer is on me after we finish this.”
“You know I don’t drink.” Jay kept on wrapping other fragile items like trophies and frames in bubble wrap. He was getting good at it, he thought.
“Well, look here. Isn’t this the shirt we got from that party we went to during our first year at work? It still has holes from the time you got so sauced. I had to pull you up by the collar and the shirt ripped open!” Jay was still ecstatic.
Photo by cryboy
“O god, yes. That night was just… I don’t even have the words to describe it. It was a blackout,” Quipped Amer.
“And this! This thing!” Jay struggled with the words but couldn’t quite find it.
“Ah! That thingamajig we looted from that art opening! I swore we could have spent the night in jail for that stint!”
Photo by clownshoes
“Yes! Yes! Why on earth did we do that for again?”
“I can’t remember exactly. It had something to do with a bet…”
“Wait, I remember. The first one to take a thing out of that boring art event would get to pick the attire of the other for his wedding!”
Photo by neanderthalis
“Which one of us won that bet again?”
“You know who it is. That’s why you’re wearing a tux instead of a beach-wedding inspired suit to your wedding.”
“I still haven’t agreed to that, man.”
“A deal’s a deal.” Said Jay quietly.
And a deal was indeed a deal. Jay was holding onto a clear plastic bag containing a wallet, a ring, a broken watch and a small notebook and he let out an empty sigh.
“A deal’s a deal, man. But this wasn’t part of it. You said I was gonna be the best man at your wedding.”
Jay kept on packing the things inside a box neatly as Amer would. A cracked helmet was put on top of the box like a crown.

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