Monday, April 28, 2014

LomoLit: A Drop

You write your desire on the palm of my hand I clench my fist, afraid to let it go

Drop me a line I will not forget
Your diamond eyes are as pale as the fading sky
Once they were dark, brooding but true
This fetter we have is a fantasy
Photo by ug_a
Every tear glistens in its beauty
I am your pillar, you are my strength
But you don’t want to see
We are swept down the river
Photo by yeahyeahyeahh
You hold on to a thistle
I let out my hand to reach for yours
You kept your wounded hand
The river led to some place I never imagined
Photo by ohpleasedontgo
Ice has melted and gave way to lush greens
Leaves are supple with every kiss of dew
The river grew wide with the coming of spring
I try to remember how every note you’d sing
Photo by kleeblatt
Would carry me into a dream
Or even better, a reality
I am an illusion as you are
We are lodged in a crevice of life
Photo by hodachrome
You crush petals just to smell them
I remember not a single drop of oil
Do you know the way back?
All I know is that I don’t
Photo by myloveletter
You kept your hand to you, reached out not for me
All I know is that I’ll be a poet for you
Kiss me
Use your tongue as a pen
Photo by hervinsyah
Write me a poem
Use my mouth as a paper
Make me believe as I always have
Spring has made it a little clearer
The river grew wider.

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